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Leadership Statement

What is Leadership?

Definition of Leadership - "The ability to make strategic decisions and use communication to mobilize group members toward achieving a shared goal" -Engleberg, Wynn, & Schuttler, 2003


"The ability to get people to willingly do what you want them to do"

It is extremely important for coaches to be a leaders. I believe in leading by example and setting a standard of excellence and holding everyone in the organization accountable to that standard. Our ability to get our message across to our student athletes will determine the level of our success on and off the football field. Characteristics of leaders include vision, credibility, effective communication skills, ethics, the ability to communicate the mission, developing a strategic plan, and motivation.

Under my leadership the following student athletes were able to earn all-conference honors, earn a scholarship to a four-year school, and ultimately maximize their potential academically and athletically.

2008 - Hudson Valley Community College
Kamar Jorden, WR- 1st Team All-Conference, Now attends Bowling Green State University
Eugene Cooper, WR/KR- 1st Team All-Conference
Andreas Hudson, QB - 2nd Team All-Conference
Whisly Laurent, WR- Now attends Arkansas Tech University
2008 Individual and Team Stats

2009 - Hudson Valley Community College
Akeem Jordan, WR - 1st Team All-Conference
Ednut Egberongbe, WR - 2nd Team All-Conference, Now attends Indiana State University
Andreas Hudson, QB - 1st Team All-Conference
2009 Individual and Team Stats